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Not Your Grandma's Knits

Not Your Grandma's Knits

We’re just going to come clean and say it: We’re crazy about sweaters. Crazy passionate, that is. We care – maybe too much – about quality, texture, and fit. And because we know what it’s like to be too busy to obsess over what you’re wearing, we’ve done the obsessing for you. Our designers source specialized yarns from all over the world so they can craft pieces that are luxurious and chic, yet totally wearable. They look to the women in their own lives for inspiration — strong, smart women who work hard, love the outdoors, have an innate sense of style, and live full, passionate lives. These are not your grandma’s knits (though we love those, too) — our designs push boundaries, explore new ideas, and foster self-expression. Sound familiar? It should.

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